I Present To the Court: Subject A

His Holiness The Reverend Egg(AKA Rev)
Meet Rev. Sometimes known as “Egg” or assorted other names that may eventually be named later. 
He was almost permanently called “Egg” because I called him that so much other people did too. Then I heard my poor pony called Egg and freaked one day and named him “Rev” short for the Reverend Egg. 

Truly Rev’s only problem has been my schedule. He just turned six in February and I have had him since he was a yearling. I’ve saddled and ridden him about thirty or forty times total. None of this is consecutive. Literally I may have worked him not ridden him three days in a row. Once. He has however been rode in a round pen and indoor arena type situation a little. I’ve ponied and ridden him on trails alone and with other stallions, mares, and geldings, all together all at the same time even. I’ve ponied him off of other stallions, mares, and geldings. I’ve ridden him at ropings and tracked cows and worked the run back chute off of him. He does walk, trot, canter, and naturally changes leads when necessary, hand gallops, and trots/canters/gallops in a group. I don’t lunge him before I ride except for after the saddle is on some times a lap or two each way at 10 foot lead rope length. Notice the lack of sweat in the pictures. I’m with him actually between two fields right here. He could dump me and run to the highway if he wanted.


How am I still alive? Rev trusts me. I would dare say with his life. Previous to me he lived with a band of 30 rowdy yearling colts on a hilly, mountainous, pastured, and wooded 200 hundred or so acres. He was the alpha in that particular herd and he had his own ideas right up front. So He and I had a huge knock down drag out pretty close to when I first got him and we sort of came to an understanding. I’m the boss dammit. All the time, every time, no matter what. It has worked for us so far. I also had him for a year and a half before he was three and I could even think of starting him. So I spent a lot of time doing crazy stuff like putting tarps on him, trash bags and coats over his head, roping him, body clipping him, working on feet, ponying him, playing with fireworks. I harnessed him and pulled rail road ties once. You name it we probably did some version of it. The point of saying all that is to tell you the reason he tolerates me asking too much of him sometimes. I’ve NEVER let him get hurt. I’ve NEVER scared him more than he could handle. He trusts me. Completely. 
I’m as big as the horse in this one. Haha but seriously he is a hair over 15hh. It’s just that I’m 17.3hh.

I am thankful for that trust. I will also honor his trust in every situation. I will do everything in my power not to lose it. You know why? Because it’s a beautiful thing. I have started hundreds of Colts, ridden thousands of horses, and did other work on even more, but he is different. Now I’m not saying he’s so great lalala I’m saying he is special to ME. He is MY heart horse. Not anyone else’s. I’m saying that if someone else would’ve bought him maybe it wouldn’t be *quite* the same. I am not saying that I am some special trainer and you should buy my halter and stick. I am saying that I feel truly fortunate to have been able to experience this in my life. I think very few people get to. He is truly my horsey soulmate. Now everyone knows when you brag on yer nag they prove you wrong. So he will kill me tomorrow. But for now I’m going to relish the excitement of giving him his pedicure tomorrow and maybe saddling him up for the first time in about 10 months and getting his show on the road.

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