Excuses. Excuses.

 Enter the crappiest weather ever. Currently it is 90*F. Weather app says that it feels like 109*F and there is a true deluge of rain with a side of thunder and lightening. So since the last post where I was going to trim some feet and so on it has been like this. We are moving to our new farm next week and don’t have our barn built yet(but soon precious. Very soon). 

On top of that Skye(my wonderful husband’s horse) who we will call BOB(Big Ol’ Bitch) for short has maimed my poor pony yet again. BOB has bit him on the side. In the area that a saddle/blanket will interfere with(Pics will come next post). He’s been her boss before when they’ve lived  together but  honestly they are both pretty dominant and he doesn’t care to fight her back. When I take feed(a mash with their special “toppings”) I stand and pet Rev and mess with his mane and tail and protect him from BOB the poor baby. Haha 

Meet Skye. Aka B.O.B. Also ignore my seat I’m not equitating at that particular moment. Due to the fact that the particular filly you see here would eat whatever was between her and her milk buffet. Meaning legs back and heels down would place you in the danger zone haha.

With all that being said, I am aware that those are just excuses(pretty good ones but excuses nonetheless). I should man up and cart my ass out into the sauna and snuggle up to that sweaty, rain soaked beast of mine and trim away(I guess I could also check BOB’s hooves)and get those measurements. I guess while I’m debunking my crappy excuses I could throw a surcingle on him and drive him or lunge him a little. The surcingle and some ground driving/lunging would give him something to think about and remind him of girth pressure. I’m sure he will be fine but why not make everything as smooth as possible when I get his side healed and hop on? I guess I should probably check their teeth too. We had them floated about 9 months and they were fine at 6 months but I like staying on top of that kind of thing. *BONUS* BOB hates when her mouth is handled so of course I occasionally shoot her mouth full of sugar water, applesauce, molasses or yogurt just to be a pest. She bit Rev I think it’s fitting to mess with her mouth a little bwahahaha! 

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