Maintenance Post: Trimming

Rev Pony finally got half a trim today. Ahem That sounds bad without a little follow up. Basically since we just moved here and we don’t have the most ideal set up for grooming/tacking/trimming/etc.(meaning we don’t have a hitching rail or wash bay set up yet.) My husband was at work, so I finally tried out tying him to the tree. The tree has no place to tie. I have to rig a rope up around a huge branch and then tie to that rope. Rev disapproved being tied like some sort of savage but he tolerated it well. Considering it was a little wobbly and weird and bark from the tree was falling on him, and the chickens and the dog were vying for hoof trimmings. Note to self: Rev is a good boy and deserves a legit setup.

Speaking of legit horse setups. We have a concrete slab, but its in the backyard and is exposed to all weather and is too far from the water hookup to be ideal. So we are trying to decide where the best place for a wash stall is. We may just do a hitching rail until we decide what to do about a barn. I hate to dump money into a wash bay type area and then build a barn and never use the former. So we will see.

 I haven’t spent really any time on the horses other than pest maintenance(Fly spray, Fly masks, and Fly sheets) and feeding. That’s about to change though. It has thus dropped from 98* to a high of 88* which still sucks but I can tolerate better. Now I know that isn’t very hot but when you live in the swamp and humidity is also 90% with 0 Mph winds,  it’s a little ridiculous. The real deal breaker for me is the bugs. Gnats and mosquitoes kill me. The other deal breaker is the battle we are currently having with the fire ants at this place. The ants will be eradicated soon but for those of you that haven’t been attacked by them you should try it. It’s uh… refreshing… yeah refreshing. 
Unrelated:Waiting for dinner.

In regards to the trim, I just worked on bringing back toe and getting those heels down and wide.  He had some false sole in his right front. I took no pics because he wasn’t thrilled with the lack of attention for 6 or so weeks turning into tying him to a weird tree and fussing over him and grooming him. Not that he was naughty at all. However, like I said I am mostly starting him over. So I will be trying to get through a few things without incident or loss of interest to get a good base on his restart. Not that I will coddle him at all in anyway whatsoever, but at first I will be sensitive to the fact that I haven’t asked him for anything really in over a year. In the next few days I will do the back feet and attempt some pictures if it’s not too taxing. Ahem

**NOTES**  I wanted to get some before training stats to kind of see a progression on.
Weight: 990lbs according to a weight tape. He is quite fat but we will see how it changes. I also want to try to do the formula and figure a more accurate weight.
Height: 15hh
Resting Heart Rate: 48bpm however I had just tied him up to the weird tree situation and was getting a little bit of wiggling and concern so maybe lower. He is also completely out of shape so it will be fun to see how this improves. 

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