The Fat Pony Exercises:Rev Channels His Inner Lipizzaner Stallion

Rev finally did a little work. Not much but we have to start somewhere. This is his second time on a lunge line instead of “free” in the round pen, so it was interesting. He actually did really well. Maybe tomorrow We’ll try it with a saddle. In the pictures where he is zooming note his eye. It’s still very relaxed and unafraid he’s just having some fun. Going back and looking through the pictures it’s nice to see that his ear is still on me paying attention as he drags me around ha ha. His excitement was after some walk and trot in both directions and we cantered a few laps to the left. I asked for canter to the right and I think he just needed to get the zoomies out. Which is fine he tried so hard to be good. 


Preparing for Lift Off!
Straight up. He likes to jump for joy. This was a rather low jump I think he was afraid to get too frisky.



Much nicer. I like to end and begin(if possible) all sessions on a good note.

Oh Hey. 

Wild Stallion coming through. Ha Ha

Rev likes everything even if he has to share his snacks. Except rude dogs that try to chase him.(He doesn’t run. Away that is)

So he finally did something and we will continue to do something every other day or so. I would love to be going to an LD in the early spring and see a 50 by the end of the year; but that’s up to Rev. I won’t push him until he’s ready and that’s no time soon for Pudgy the Pasture Puff. I mean Rev Lipizzaner stallion extraordinaire!

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