Random Thoughts on Future Endurance Gear:Saddle

He is always mugging this muck tub. It’s completely destroyed as a bucket and we don’t put anything in it but he just regularly raises hell on it. I will try to get a good video of him doing it. He does a quality levade(collected rear), a really high and crisp capriole(just google it), and then he will get down on his knees and fight the bucket like it’s an offending stallion. All of this of course is interspersed with plenty of bucking and farting. He slings it around and mock charges it. Then usually he likes to chase BOB(my husbands mare) around with it. You don’t get too close when he has his muck tub. He wants to play and he will very adeptly beat the shit out of you with it.

I know there are more opinions than I care to count on endurance gear and combinations of said gear. I am by no means any sort of authority on this subject. These are just current thoughts on trying to use the horse and equipment I have to get started. I think that’s the smart thing to do beings as Rev will definitely and possibly drastically change shape initially. Meaning he is super fat right now and he will eventually become more fit and thusly a different shape.


I may ride my first ride or two back in my trusty old roping saddle. I wish I could figure out how to make every saddle fit me like this saddle does. Alas I can’t and honestly this saddle doesn’t fit Rev quite as well as I’d like it to. It’s a little too narrow. Even though it’s got full quarter horse bars and a 71/2″ gullet it leaves some dry spots behind his withers. He also occasionally tossed his head whenever I would remove the saddle. I used a 1″ roper pad with that saddle and it may be too much pad. I also have an HDR event saddle that I bought for a horse a few years ago who was super wide so maybe I can use that one with proper padding until he reshapes.

I feel bad for not getting him his own special saddle but I will after he gets into a more desirable condition. I have done quite a bit of research(read: hours and hours of neurotic obsessive searching) and I have learned quite a bit. I really want a Specialized saddle if they make them wide enough and I can achieve a good fit. I really like the adjustability of it and will hopefully try one out eventually. I also am interested in the Duett saddles. Rev has a pretty broad and substantial back and I think he would fill one nicely. We will just have to see what his shape will be. I would really like to stick with a more “endurance” type of saddle. I would like to be as economical as possible through his “remodeling” phase. 

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