Bitless Endurance?

There sure are some uh… strong opinions on both sides of the bit vs bitless camp if you will. I have been reading some of them. I think it would be the most convenient (for me)for endurance to go bitless. I think it would more easily allow for drinking and eating on the trail. I will divulge a secret now. I have never purposely let a horse eat while I was riding it. I’m not saying a few of my craftier steeds haven’t managed to snatch a bite on a trail with high grass covered banks but it was a rare occasion. It was even rarer that they managed to keep that bite. I’m not to slow when it comes to snatching stuff right back out of their mouth whether I’m riding or not. I know that’s so mean. I’m evil and should obviously be banned from horses forever. However since there is no “OMGyoudidn’tletyourhorseeatwhileyouwereworkingsoyourevilandbannedfromhorsesforever!” committee, I guess I’ll just keep on truckin’. 

In my defense my trainer growing up was a very no nonsense German dressage Empress(not queen… way above that haha). Not allowing eating was sort of just ingrained(along with many other things). Don’t worry I’m a learn and grow kind of gal. I’m adaptable. No grazing before we go into the arena, court, course, etc. Graze when allowed on the trail, in hand, while conditioning, etc. Eat like this is the last food ever at ride camp, vet checks, after Endurance rides, etc.

This feat seems like it would be most reasonably facilitated without a bit. Not to mention, green shit on bits kills my soul just a little. I like the look of the S-Hack sold at the Distance Depot the most(It doesn’t hurt that I can get a sweet purple noseband). For now we will probably condition in his copper roller full cheek or a rubber version. My objective(like everyone else’s I’m sure) is to keep my horse quiet. I would bet that we will probably start our first few rides in the copper roller full cheek as a minimum. Bit harshness may go up for a  ride or two from there. Then I would think that we will begin to  work our way to a bitless setup once we get in the groove. 

Rev is pretty quick learner, isn’t (for now) super easily excitable, and he knows I don’t tolerate very much bullshit. I have had him at ropings(where 50+ horses and cows are running around full tilt and they were close and milling around him the whole time) and other very exciting events before and he was alert and calm. I hope I can continue to support and maintain this behavior. We will see.  

Rev’s natural state. Eating. 

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