Helmets to wear or not to wear? What a question…

I will admit that maybe I haven’t been super diligent at helmet wearing. Maybe I haven’t worn one in years. I won’t say. The truth of the matter is I’ve had quite a few rough falls in my life and was never scared into wearing a helmet. It’s not even for my hairdo. I usually wear a hat. I just find them irritating. They are hot. They are sweaty. They fit my head weird or more likely I just have a weird head. I just don’t like them. I own one but I’ve only worn it in a few English shows on client horses and never at any western event. 

I have however been doing a lot of reading and thinking here lately. I’ve even been thinking that wearing a helmet might keep me reading and thinking longer. Also wearing a helmet might keep me wiping my own ass longer and believe me I prefer to keep it that way. So I believe I am going to concede to getting used to wearing helmets. It probably won’t kill me to wear one in the long run. There is no guarantee I won’t occasionally be seen without one but I’ll make a strong effort. Training for endurance and eventually riding endurance means more miles and more chances to get injured. So like I said I will work on it. 

That leads me to the final part of this post…

The Tipperary 8500 looks pretty sweet for endurance. It’s reasonably priced. It looks like it may not cause me a heat stroke. This helmet also comes in some sweet colors. I wish the purple was actually purple though. So alas, it will be the Carbon Grey. Black is just an obvious step in the wrong direction as far as heat dissipation, as far as I’m concerned anyways. Also until I manage one I will most likely be using my other helmet. All in the name of wiping my own ass.

Upcoming post: The Husband got me a Super sweet “new to me” horse trailer for Christmas! It’s a fixer upper, but when we are done it will be really nice. So now endurance can be a reality and I can really get motivated! 

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