So They Say…

They say what you are doing on New Year’s is what you will do for the rest of the year. Uh oh… You see I had big plans. The Husband and I were both going to ride on New Year’s. We both wanted to start off right and we both want to ride more this year. The weather disagreed. It was cold and raining sideways and all the horses were interested in was warm mash, blankets, and dry hay. I couldn’t deny them that and to take off blankets and let them get wet would have been quite miserable for them. The way our weather works here is a recipe for colic anyhow and I just don’t think there is a need for me to add to the temperature fluctuations.

So obviously I was going to ride the next day. We were quite excited and went out in the morning to feed hay. As we were walking over to the ponies, the Husband’s wretched bitch of a nag bit Rev. She bit him right in the back where the saddle bars sit. There is no getting around it. So I obviously chased her around and let him eat while she waited(I know it doesn’t matter. I know why she bit him. I felt better though.). Poor Rev would start flinching if I just held my hand over it and an instant welt popped up. She really got him good. Poor guy. He just loves her though. Honestly I like that she is is his boss. It helps keep him in line mentally. I could just do without the physical abuse from her sometimes though.

I really got upset about not riding and how plans fall through so easy. Boo-Hoo… Right? Then after some thought I managed to find the silver lining. It will be a good year with the horses based on how we spent the beginning of it. We spent it making the best decisions for the well being of our ponies. Any year spent making the best decisions for them(even if they don’t make me the happiest) is a good year.

Side note: See these donkeys? You know how some people dump out unwanted cats and dogs? Someone dumped these out in one of the fields next to the horses. They thought it was ours but it’s actually someone else’s. So now they are in some sort of mess over it and we have been feeding and watering them because nobody else can be bothered. I am also trying to find them a home. I’m hostile about it. Mostly because they placed an intact JACK and jenny(and her baby) donkey in the field next our horses. I’m sure they don’t have current coggins’ or vaccinations. It was quite a ruckus to start with. In fact that’s how we finally saw them there. Rev was biting the shit out of the Jack over the fence and the Jack was screaming. Luckily Rev has been taught to respect all fences without exception and he didn’t go through the fence and really hurt or kill the jack… They are settled now and Rev only gets after them occasionally and the poor baby(jack) is obsessed with Rev. He wants to be just like him when he grows up ha-ha.

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