Catch Up!

 So I need to do a little catch up I suppose. No there aren’t pictures. I was mostly concerned with not dying… No seriously I am horrible about photo documenting anything. I have plans to take some pics tomorrow. Now for the happenings of the last few days. I would also like to point out that it has apparently been over a year and a half since I’ve had a saddle on Rev according to The Husband and he is right…

1/6- I rode Rev in my roping saddle(ya know in case… It seems like it would be hard to get separated from that monstrosity.) First I lunged him for a few minutes W/T/C in both directions to make sure he still remembers… Ya know that he’s not feral… I saddled him up. With front girth, back girth, leather straps, the heaviest stirrups ever, and my head rope flapping around… He lunged quietly for a few minutes W/T/C in both directions. Sooooo… This saddle with its hugely wide gullet and full quarter horse bars pinches his shoulders. I don’t position it too far forward. However, his *well sprung* barrel pushes everything forward. So shoulders pinched. I readjusted the saddle and took off the roping pad and hopped on for a brief *lead around* by The Husband. He did great and tolerated the saddle he remembers how to break at the poll and back up well. 
*Well Sprung –>Fat
*I got The Husband to lead me because I’m doing this in the yard not and enclosed space(another horse and cows in other enclosed spaces) I do not have one currently and would not need one long enough to merit building one. I will just power through in the yard for a week or two and then start riding the dirt roads. Then I treated for thrush.

1/7- I switched out to the super wide cross country saddle. Everything fits beautifully and whenever he loses some gut the saddle will stay back a little better. Initially he thought it would pinch and was hesitant and choppy in his gait. Then he started moving out much better. 🙂 Then I had another lead around. And then… I rode him around by myself obviously(with a helmet ZOMG). He remembered all the basics(turning, stopping, GO, and yielding to leg pressure). I was pleasantly surprised when he stopped and backed up off of my seat. He really is a sponge and he learns too fast. Also treated for thrush some more.

1/8- Rain!!!


Bonus Calf: Nymphadora Tonks is her name.

To be continued… 

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