My Apologies

I was unaware that I was participating in internet share cropping. Thanks Google Plus. So basically I am trying to figure out how to extract myself from this mess without losing my blog, pictures, email, and everything else. I retracted the last hoof post because I wanted to get comments fixed first. We did test and it will allow anonymous comments but is fighting anything else. 

Hopefully this will be resolved shortly. I know I have very few readers and even less probably who wish to comment, but I know lot’s of people have informative comments and criticisms on hoof posts. So even if it’s just one person who wants to comment I want to make sure it isn’t a complete hassle. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. ;P

Bonus Bug Dog your viewing pleasure.

Have you ever had your 50lb cattle dog “work” traffic in the back of your mid size SUV? It makes driving more fun. 😀

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