Thrush and Hoof Pics!

Edit: I think the comment issue is probably fixed. Hopefully.  -_-

Thrush. Screw Thrush… Most horses have thrush even if you don’t know. If the frogs aren’t glorious. If the heels aren’t epic. Basically if you or your farrier is competent and your horses feet aren’t amazing(barring like navicuar, laminitis[Probably extra thrush in that case], or other serious hoof malfunctions) you probably have some level of thrush. No matter how minute the infection, it’s still there lurking. In the alleys. With the candy and the van. It’s there. It’s waiting.  I have been in a losing battle with this predator thrush for longer than I care to admit.

I actually live on a slight hill that stays seemingly dry here in the swamp. Thrush doesn’t give a damn. You know what else? When I shoed and trimmed horses professionally I wasn’t into “Natural Remedies” for thrush then because I didn’t believe they would actually work. Tea Tree Oil, vinegar, etc. In an effort to try to eliminate some of the chemicals we put into and on our ponies, I tried these “Natural” thrush remedies. I also tried different “Natural” fly sprays too. You know what? They suck. For me anyways. If they work for you whatever. I don’t care. I’m into what works and not self righteous delusion. (I mean that in the nicest way possible. Bless Your Heart.) 😉  I am just joking around don’t anyone of my 1.6 readers be offended I’m just mad about thrush.=P Also I actually kind of believe these things work more for people out west and in dry climates. Unfortunately, even on a dry day it’s dampish here. 

Anywho… Hooves… These are the worst. They look so terrible I don’t want to put them out there on the vast interwebs for judgement. However, in the name of SCIENCE I will put them up. Then we will watch the change. These pictures are of hooves after months of “Natural” prevention and “Natural” treatment. They are before any chemical intervention. That low level and worsening thrush is the main contributor to the heel situation and puny frogs we see here. I think with radical treatment and more excercise(read: Mileage. Causing more circulation and growth) we should see a drastic change as these hooves regrow. 

Left Front Solar: Horrific

Left Front:Heel

Left Hind: Solar

Left Hind:Heel(The picture is weird but the inside heel isn’t longer in real life.)
Right Hind:Solar

Right Hind:Heel

Right Front: Solar(Aaaaah The Right Front always the worst. Interestingly the hoof he puts forward most while eating)

Right Front: Heel
It’s horrifying to put stuff like this out on the internet. Anyways have fun and if anyone happens to see this and feel like commenting please feel free. I welcome criticism and opinions. If not that’s cool too. This will still be an interesting progression to watch. My plan for this is to get with the serious biweekly trimming or so and hardcore thrush treatment and hopefully he will end up with some decent footsies. Remember I’m more of a reformed farrier going barefoot. I was taught and believed that performance required shoes and pasture puffs were trimmed.(So I’m working on it.) One day I’ll do a post on my new and old ideas and beliefs about shoeing and trimming, it will be fun.

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