Been Workin’

We have been working weather permitting. The thrush is almost completely resolved (actually it rained and was generally crappy for the last week so we will see where that leaves us). I trimmed Rev a week ago and things are looking really good. That toe is coming back and  I’m getting those heels in order. He’s been moving great. One of the big things I’ve noticed since the last trim is he seems to be standing very square. When he’s doing the standing around portion of his day he is pertectly square. So I guess that’s probably good…

Ignore belly bulge. He’s working on it but still a little sensitive about it.

I actually managed to make him sweat a little and breathe sort of hard the other day. It’s kind of weird but to be so pudgy he’s a beast. I warmed him up at the walk for a while then I trotted and cantered hard for maybe thirty minutes. Doing a lot of turns, serpentines, figure 8’s, etc. I mean hard work. He actually was damp under his saddle pad. He also had elevated breathing! I was so excited. He was completely recovered by the time I walked him half way down the driveway and back. Still a real workout. Both mentally (He was licking his lips the whole time) and physically. I actually worked him pretty hard because I am way to easy on him as far as work. He also out of joy and excitement acted like a little shit on the lunge line and I decided maybe he should work some. He just loves to work. I swear. It’s really weird. If he sees me with a halter he is like Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssss! (I thinks that what he says when he screams from across the field).Then he gallops, bucks, and farts the whole way to me. Complete with sliding stop, arched neck (he’s probably happy he didn’t flatten me), and some studly little nickers. He’s a nutter.

Making decisions like an adult!

In other news… I recently made an executive decision to switch to a round bale for the hay. I know that isn’t as great as square bales but our horses are eating 80-100 pounds a day. I am tired of packing it out to them, hanging feeders, and scattering it around (so they will walk around and “browse”). They still run out through the night. I think they try to eat it faster because they don’t feel the hay is unlimited (maybe I am just over thinking it). However, with a round bale they can chow down all day and all night and quit when they choose. That’s truly a more “free choice” hay feeding situation from my point of view. I’m also seeing a lot more standing around and napping with the round bale. They don’t seem hungry until I show up with “grain”. Feeding the square bales is costly and  they were still going a couple hours here and there with nothing to chew on. No Bueno. These round bales have cut the hay bill in half and they can truly eat “free choice”. I think this better for us for now. 

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