My Radio Silence Excuse

Well first of all, we have been working but sporadically. Had some issues in the farming part of my life and now that they are situated I should be back to more horse stuff. Also the biggest update is that my husband and I are very excited to be welcoming our new farmhand! Due in August. Even though we are excited I have been a smidge tired. So sometimes by the time I get done bucking hay, moving round rolls, feeding cows, horses, chickens, bunny, dogs, cats, the turtle, and working/riding Rev blogging is usually last on the list. I plan to remedy that. I want a record of what’s been happening and something I can look back on (besides my handwritten notes) and see patterns. Also I really have benefited from the endurance blogs that I have read and hope to be yet another resource for aspiring endurance riders.

Do you see his Brand? Yeah me neither… When he sheds out we will see.

So, I haven’t stopped working Rev. I have been more cautious of course. I only Ride when my husband is home etc. I think we are ready to start making some trips off of the farm.Tomorrow my husband has offered to walk with me and me handwalk Rev down the road and dirt roads around here to let him look everything over. I could probably manage alone just fine. However, I don’t have a good argument to do so. That means for the next three days I am hoping to ride out and about.

I think purple is his color. Purple is my favorite color but he also looks good in blue.

We have also obtained four more acres to go with our original 12 acres so we are very excited about that. I have a hole to fill in on it but otherwise it is horse ready. Both horses have been vaccinated for this spring on 2/29/2016. They will be trimmed tomorrow and both of their teeth will be done on Tuesday. They both have some small points forming and no hooks that I could find with my rudimentary examination. Today was the last day of their 7 day sand purge for the month also. Now that it’s all on paper it seems like a lot at once and expensive… Don’t worry they are on a regular probiotic/prebiotic/enzyme/yeast supplement and I have been dosing with probiotic concentrate in a syringe and ulcer guard. They are both in fine spirits and health as of right this second. Well hopefully with more regular posting we can go over my revised endurance plans, trimming, and ideas for camping, etc.

Remember Paid For. Also it will end up being a great trailer for endurance.

 We got a horse trailer for Christmas and while it is solid if I *had* to use it right now; I want to make a lot of modifications/upgrades/improvements to it. It’s a 2-horse strait load with a dressing room and tack storage area. It’s a bumper pull also. I know it’s not new and perfect but it will be nice and even better it was *well* within our price range. Which means for pretty cheap + a paint job we can make it as good as new and it will be a solid and paid for horse trailer. This will be a completely endurance centric horse trailer. That means the stock trailer is for the cows, pigs, sheep, and whatever else. My pony will not have to share his endurance ride with anyone (Except my husband’s mare sometimes. If she asks nicely.) Ha ha.

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