I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth. Obviously.

Well here I am to try again. Basically I can eat crow on the whole being pregnant and doing stuff and blogging about it. I did plenty and then didn’t have the energy left to blog. I could get the basics done and then die super hard every night and from 3-4:30pm. Naps became mandatory.

 I rode! I also determined that no configuration of saddle and pad that I have will work even for initial training. Which sucks because I am now hunting a saddle and will be hunting another one soon when he changes shape. I halter broke 3 heifers. The obnoxious filly now halters(sort of), leads, does dewormer, baths, and only halfheartedly tries to kill you when you trim her. She is an ass and she needs her own post(probably her own blog if I am being honest. V’s dam is very a saint(just not a friendly saint unless you have food). Her sire is an evil genius. She is an *interesting* combination of them both. She also de-gloved her cannon bone. That was awesome. When your painfully large and fighting to wrap a dramatic filly’s de-gloved leg. Whatever, she’s doing better now. 

I also trimmed horses at 38 weeks pregnant. I was too fat for my chaps. That’s when I quit. It was getting ‘done’ before then I quit. Now the Squishy Little Human is 4 weeks old and I am ready to start(slowly) again. Hopefully with some bathing and trimming. Maybe I will lightly lunge Rev. Poor Rev destroys his mane if I don’t do regular maintenance. I haven’t touched it in 5 weeks. So that will be fun. My husband is off the next two days so I think I might get something done.Then I am going to try to blog about it. 

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