One Day At A Time

Well yesterday Rev did a little work. It was only lunging and will be until I find a saddle that fits. Which needs to be soon. He and I are both fat and out of shape but we will get there. He is so eager to work and I am so thankful for that. It’s really nice to walk towards his gate with nothing but a halter and he screams at me, hauls ass across the field, and is just generally excited to get attention.

 It’s been hard to do anything for this past month with a new baby. I know many of you bloggers and readers are on it a week later. I am apparently an unmotivated weenie though. With the help of my wonderful husband I am going to at least work or walk Rev every other day(preferably more though). Also before you worry that I am overworking him; it’s never any more than 20 minutes of work on the lunge and a lot of walking. It’s mostly work on voice commands, transitions, and WOAH. I also have been doing some in hand work on yielding, bending, and ground driving. Basically everything I would do in the saddle from the ground(because of the saddle issue). So I will be doing my damndest to chronicle the work(on the blog and on paper) so I can track progress and trends. Hopefully that will later set up our conditioning ‘schedule’.

I am ashamed to show you “The Mane Of Neglect”. Before…
After: Clean pony. His mane will straighten out in a few days. It’s sad that it looks shorter because of the wrinkles from being tangled. 

He was *OK* for working. I had hubby take pics while I lunged him and rev was a little distracted. He just wasn’t *with* me. He also took the opportunity to act like an ass and bolt around like a lunatic and when I jumped his shit for it he sort of shut down. He acted like he didn’t know what I was asking when I wanted him to walk on and he only wanted to face up. I know this is my fault. I can’t expect too much from a horse that hasn’t even worn a halter in five weeks. I am also out of shape, slower, and probably not as *crisp* in my body language. It will get better with some consistency.

You can see here that he isn’t quite *with* me 100%. That outside ear is on my husband.

I have a goal though. I have my eye on a ride. It’s probably a little too soon(3 months), but it is a soft goal for me. Even if we aren’t in shape mentally or physically to ride we can camp. They also have a fun ride so that’s a possibility. I would much rather do the 50(there’s no way we will be ready) but there is no reason I couldn’t try the 25 if I feel we are ready for the fun ride(I think it’s 10 miles). I don’t know how we will manage it. We still have so much to do besides the conditioning part. We need to do some work to the trailer, get a camping set up(camping with a baby), and get a saddle that fits. My husband says it can be done so I will choose to be optimistic with him. I am so lucky that he is interested in endurance and riding in general. Did I mention he says he wants to camp with me, crew for me, and eventually do some rides himself? I am so freaking lucky. 

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