Two Days At A Time!

Success! Yesterday and today I worked Rev on the lunge again. Both days he wore a surcingle and I plan to incorporate side reins soon. I don’t want to use them tight or to get a frame really. They will be more to give him something new to think about until we can do less boring crap. 

Endurance horse in the making(trying to snatch grass while lunging). For the record I had a baby four weeks ago so overlook my fluffiness. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yesterday he was completely attentive to me except once. My husbands mare was screaming at him and peeing at the fence and he looked at her one time. I talked grumpy to him before he could yell back.(Which he doesn’t do when I am handling him, but we are out of practice.) Other than that he was great. We did a lot of work on transitions. We also did some in hand side passing and half passing. Today more of the same only better. He was absolutely perfect. He didn’t even look at the mare and came running up from their shared fence line when I went outside with his halter.

I need to trim hooves this weekend. We are also going to haul hay tomorrow so Rev will be getting the day off. The hay is for my Husband’s mare, her filly, and the heifers. I will get rev a bale so he can have a flake a day or something as a treat. He has also been getting ‘grain’ the last two days as a reward after work. It consists of the monthly sand treatment, some Vitamin E gels, 2oz of loose white salt, and a carrot. He otherwise hasn’t been getting anything because he’s a fatty. He has a Equine micro mineral lick and a white salt lick in his field but he gets no grain. I will be ordering his vitamin/mineral supplement soon. He will need it as he goes into work. I will also eventually start him on a small amount of ‘mush’ after his sand treatment is over. Just some beet pulp without molasses and some alfalfa cubes. Very little like a cup or two so he will eat his vitamin E gels and loose salt.

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