International Helmet Awareness Day!!!

Today is International Helmet Awareness Day! A few online horse stuff sites have 20% off of helmets and free shipping. So today is the day to get a new brain bucket. I got a carbon gray Tipperary Sportage 8500. 

 Important side note: My husband is going to use my other one. He actually agreed to wear a helmet when he rides if I will. I am so proud of him. He was steadfastly against it before. He didn’t want to look dumb. When I wore one and wanted to order another he decided that if I was going to do it maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Whatever it takes. He asked why I bothered with a helmet because I had been riding so long. Answer: Simple, I prefer to be the one to wipe my ass. 

I got mine at Riding Warehouse. They had 20% off, free shipping, and a free baseball hat with helmet purchase. That was the best I could find.

I will be back with a better update soon. Rev has been working and I need to trim him tomorrow. I also sold a saddle and am going to be ordering another one in a week or two. I need to haul more hay and swap some horses and cows around too.

Meeting of the minds. Excuse the crappy picture. It’s from pretty far away on a phone.

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