Some People… Well They’re Morons.

You know until I moved here I had no idea. The other day we had some people come trim trees. I let them know if they need to go into Field A that the bull is in there and don’t let him out. He’s a youngun’ and isn’t interested in people except those with food. Plus the cattle dog was in with them and she won’t let him near you unless you that’ll do/down/stay her. I then said if you need to go into Field B(Rev’s field) to let me know and I will get him out of there so you can go in. I’m then informed that one of the guys was raised with horses, isn’t scared of them etc. and I don’t need to worry. I respond with well that’s nice but let me know so I can get him out of there. It was just this huge back and forth about a bunch of crap until I got mad and told them to stay out of his fucking field. It was a real mess. People don’t understand liability until something happens and Mr. Ain’t Skeered the redneck is suing you for getting him’s wittle fingers bit off. Field C contains Mare, Filly, and Heifers and there was no need to go in there.

A week or two ago, a ‘neighbor’ on the far side of our property was letting their very small child run across the road to hand feed Rev grass. I can’t make this up. People are dense. I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s common for people to feel like they are entitled to touch/feed other people’s animals? I guess I’m wrong. I just yelled for Rev and he hauled ass across the field and got treats and promptly forgot about them. I guess they got the message because they haven’t done it since.

Another good one. What rocket surgeon thinks it’s O.K. to walk up and pet someones dog that’s in the back of their truck? Bug(cattle dog) rides in the back of the truck. She loves it. We go to the store and she stays in the truck. Heaven help you if you try to get her out. I have had people try to walk right up and pet her while she is staring them dead in the eye. She just relocates to the toolbox on the opposite side from the idiot and glares at them. She is ‘working’ when she’s in the truck and doesn’t want to be bothered. I swear I don’t see how some people make it past the age of 9.

In other better news. I got my helmet and it fits great! I can’t wait to get some miles on it. As soon as I get paid for a saddle I just sold I will be ordering Rev’s new saddle. It’s not the Specialized Eurolight that I want but it’s great for now. I want to get him in much better(endurance) shape before I spend more on a saddle. I just hope it will work. Then I will be slowly accumulating a few more “Endurance Centric” pieces. We are also hoping to really commence working on the horse trailer over the next couple of months. I need to get a post up about that.

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