New Saddle on The Way!!!

So I have finally ordered a saddle for a 21 day trial. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. I know that as Rev gets fit his shape will change and I will probably need another saddle. With that in mind I purchased an Abetta Endurance saddle Wide, Full Quarter Horse Bars, and a 3/4 rigging. Hopefully it be wide enough in the shoulders and flat enough to fit Rev. I’m also pretty excited about the 3/4 rigging. I intend to convert the rigging from a western cinch to work with a dressage girth if the saddle fits. I will also most likely change the western fenders out with some leathers. This saddle comes with the big 4″ endurance stirrups to so I can give them a try. If I like them I can order better ones with cages and keep the originals for spares. ZOMG!!! I have to practice restraint. I want to buy All The Things!

Wednesday 9/28- I went out to work Rev and he looked a hair bit ‘off’ in his right hind. I trimmed him instead of doing any work. Lo and behold he had a nasty abscess in the toe of his right hind. I helped it along he took a few funky tentative steps and then walked and trotted sound. I will try to take some pics soon.

I absolutely cannot wait. The saddle should get here Tuesday afternoon. I’ll get some billets on it and a girth. Then Wednesday morning I can test it.

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