Renewing Membership and a New Membership

I am making an effort to do more horse related activities. I always decline or find a way out of socializing. I am doing the Write 31 Days Challenge just to make myself be ‘out there’. Quite honestly I would rather be journaling these entries away safely for me alone. I am very introverted. I won’t usually talk in a crowd. I just keep to myself and listen to everyone else. Once I know someone I will talk your head off though. I am attending a Horsemanship Club meeting this evening in an effort to get out there and *do* more horse stuff. They are going to be having little shows, clinic, trail rides, and maybe an endurance-y type ride or clinic. So I am pretty excited.

Daddy and Daughter. They are pretty hilarious together. They chase each other up and down the fence and “bite” one another all day.

I just submitted the renewal for my AQHA membership. Finally I have to send off the stallion report. Uuuuugh. I hate paperwork. So there is one thing checked off the list. I need to get a membership with the AERC. They are having a Fall Special on the AERC website. You get the remainder of the 2016 ride season and the whole 2017 ride season for $88.75 for an adult with one horse. 

It is impossible to take pictures of this beast when she’s loose. She wants to be right with you.

I also maybe have another new membership in the works. I don’t want to count anything before it hatches though. I am pretty excited about this possibility too.

Most excitingly right now is my saddle is coming tomorrow! It better fit or I may cry.

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