Matthew Leave Me Alone!

Short Post.

I missed yesterday because my internet was dead for most of the day due to wind. I haven’t been able to try the saddle yet, because impending hurricane. Dontcha Know? Once the storm is through (hopefully Sunday) I will be trying out this dang saddle. I am also going to order a new hackamore and bridle if it fits, so I can begin that training soon. I have so many things I want to do and get that I am spinning in circles right now. I need a list and a plan.

I think he’s a purple kinda guy.

Anyone who is in range of the hurricane or weather from it be safe! Also fill up all buckets and troughs with water and maybe a trash can or two if you can. If your electricity craps out then you will be glad you did. Remember water for yourself to. 1 Gallon per person per day. I also buy bags of ice and toss them in my chest freezer so my food will be safer a little longer. You will never be upset that you were too prepared. 

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