2017 Goals!!!

  • Keep Rev and Skye healthy and sound!!! That one is pretty simple. Keep them both mentally and physically healthy and sound, no matter the endeavor with either of them.
  • Complete and LD with Rev This is the first step that I can take to doing endurance. I just need to get him fit enough and his brain in shape too. There are so many rides close around here and I feel insane just letting them slip away. I know that camping with an infant may be a little nutty but we want to start camping anyhow. So the obvious thing to do is bring a horse (or two) right?
  • Complete a 50 with Rev? This seems to be the obvious second step to my evil plan. The “?” is because I have to make sure he can safely and sanely manage an LD first. I also want to start with at least one LD(or more!) so that I know what’s going on.
  • Possibly do an LD with Skye This is the wild card. My husband is going to do some conditioning with me. He will be riding his horse and he asked if she ends up in good enough shape and sound, “Would I ride her in an LD too?” I told him I would be happy too and riding back to back LD’s would even better prepare me for a 50.

For everything else, we will see. I just want to keep it basic and add later if I need to.

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