My Horse’s New Year’s Resolution

Or… Rev was a huge A-hole for New Year’s Day.

Apparently, my pony had also made a list of goals for 2017. Chief among them, was to establish himself as the boss. See, my husband’s mare isn’t bred this year, so he couldn’t live with her. I hate for him to live by himself, so his other option has been our cows. Now being a cowpony sort of guy he is definitely the boss of my silly heifers. He’s not mean to them at all, but he knows they flee from his terrifying glare move when he walks through. Then we rotated pastures and put all the girls(mare, filly, and heifers) together and we put the boys(Rev and Mac the Bull) together and left the other field open. Well, of course, he is still the boss of the bull, horns be damned.That could only lead any self-respecting horse to wonder, who else he is the boss of.

On New Year’s day, I trotted out the door thinking, “This is it. Start as you mean to go!”, and all that jazz. So I get Rev out of his field and he’s about 6 inches taller, neck arched, and strutting along beside me. So I tied him up and cleaned his feet and brushed him. Then I put his bridle on as I had planned to do a little long-lining with him(no saddle though until I get the crupper). I took him over to start lunging and asked for a walk and he trotted, then he broke into a canter, and promptly bolted hard. I had him in his rope halter and he knew it too. So I hung on to that lunge line like my life depended on it, just to keep his nose to the inside. Unfortunately for Rev, he was in the sand, and it’s not easy to run in and it was 80*F here(cue evil laughter).  I let him work until I was tired and he had an entirely different attitude. All in all, it was very productive and just what he needed. He’s been slowly building up to some sort of asinine maneuver for a few weeks now. I thought it would be him trying a nip out on me, I guess he couldn’t work up the courage.


Rev’s hard work. He did, however, make a perfect, soft, sandy, 65-foot circle for me to lunge and ride on. 🙂

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