Crupper Time!!!

Well, the crupper finally arrived. I ordered it from Running Bear Tack and apparently during the midst of a move. I emailed about it twice because I am the most impatient human on the planet and honestly it was the only way I can get this show on the road. I did more research than necessary and determined the I most liked the design of this particular crupper. Apparently, there is some debate as to whether the “formed/fitted” tailpiece is better than standard. I opted for the standard tailpiece and it works perfectly. It also fits well length wise, although I have it almost as short as it will go. Rev has a *very* short back and croup.

He is just a super compact horse. Ideally, I would run barrels or rope on him, but I just don’t have any interest in team roping anymore and barrels really aren’t my thing. I reserve the right to go back to roping/other cow work or start barrels if we are just unsuccessful at endurance. Until then, Endurance it shall be!!! I digress.

The other reason I chose that crupper is that I like the other Biothane tack from there. I like the Smart Caveson and their Classic Breastplate. I really like the adjustability of the breastplate and the way it snaps *everywhere*, for maximum convenience. I’m pretty sure we will need every second we can get in tacking and untacking time at vet checks, leaving as much room as possible for P/R, cooling, eating, and drinking.


Our colors were going to be purple/black and then I got a wild hair and my husband also voted for neon orange. So we will do neon orange and black for our colors with purple throughout because everyone needs at least a little purple.




Ignore his horrendous mane and tail I brushed/Doused in Cowboy Magic’d the whole situation after pics.

So the saddle is level and has a decent flare, for his shoulder movement. I like where the girth is sitting. I just would like it to stay there without a crupper kthxbai. Whatever. I give up and if he isn’t compromised or hurting(Trust me, he isn’t shy at all about letting me know.) then I don’t care. Maybe one day when he is super fit I will get him fitted for a reactor panel, or a Specialized, or a custom saddle. For right now though that would be pointless. He is going to start drastically changing shape and I just don’t have the money to buy 15 saddles during the process. My next plan is to switch the girth rigging completely out. The girth and billets on there now were robbed from my roping saddle. I am thinking the Mad Tack Biothane billets and the Stillwater Mohair Contour girth. I also need another saddle pad. That one is a Weaver Leather Tacky Too. I bought it in desperation to make this saddle Stay Still Dammit. So it’s way too big for my short backed beasty. I have no idea what I need to get and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would also be happy to take more pics of saddle fit for recommendations. I was sort of leaning towards a Coolback. I have no reasoning for this at all, other than it seems like a good idea. I am just sort of burnt out on thinking about it and I want to ride my horse.Then, of course, I need to put the roping breast collar back on the roping saddle that fits my hubbies mare and get myself the Biothane breastplate that I want. Then, logically, a Biothane Smart Caveson because, obviously. Then maybe I will switch out the fenders for some Biothane stirrup leathers and some nice caged stirrups I don’t really know what will be best so I will Research All The Things!!!


2 thoughts on “Crupper Time!!!

  1. Hi!! New to your blog 🙂 I like your crupper and neon orange and purple sound like a great combo. I fought the good fight on saddle slipping on my downhill, well sprung ribbed mare with a forward girth groove. A mohair cinch works great for her plus a lot of Bodyglide to prevent rubs. Most people will recommend you switching to a center fire rigging system on your girth to help hold the saddle back. I have no personal experience with that as the saddle that works best for us has an adjustable girth rigging, so I can’t make it center fire.

    As for saddle pads, the Toklat line is very popular with endurance folks and you may be able to find a good used pad. My mare hates their products, I don’t know why but she is very clear about it when I tried their various lines. I’d recommend borrowing one if you can.

    Good luck on your searches!!

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    • Thank you for commenting!!! I definitely read through your saddle issues as they were a lot like mine. So then I will for sure go with the mohair contoured girth and the billets I want to convert to are a centerfire design so I will stick with those also! Thanks for the tip with the Body Glide, I will get some ordered or him. Buying used is a great idea on the saddle pad. It hadn’t occurred to me, but that would be much better than buying new and using it once! I am just glad his saddle fits well enough to get riding now. Literally, he could trot 20 steps on level ground and the saddle would be on his shoulders before the crupper. I hate saddles. I always said brains were most important in a horse but I am thinking maybe it’s saddle fitting ease first. lol


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