Quick Check in and an Exciting Thing(Maybe)…

Soooo… I just wanted to check in real quick and update. Today I finally rode Rev. He has been worked 3 times with the crupper and this was his 4th time wearing it. It was glorious. I forgot how sensitive he is to *everything*. I really need to pay attention when I start horses, to how sensitive I am making them. I don’t think I make client horses this way. My own, however, are a little lighter than most would care for. I really have missed riding him. He was always such a fast learner and he really loves to work.  I just rode him at a walk and did some turns, stopping, and backing up. My hubby said that he looked great and like he is totally broke and even better than his(actually super broke) mare. Haha, I felt like we were drunk walking around but whatever, I will take it. Tomorrow I think I will do a quick jaunt down the road and some trot with him. I took it slow with him and the crupper situation and really made sure that the saddle is really going to work out. It seems like it’s going to. Even at the walk he was really striding out and stepping up under his self through turns, so I think he is feeling pretty comfortable.

Now for the Exciting Thing. It’s a surprise. If all goes well I will know for sure tomorrow morning. So fingers crossed that everything goes well and that it actually happens and that it isn’t a learning experience. ;D

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