The Exciting Thing!!!

A quick spoiler on The Exciting Thing. Friday I agreed to take a horse sight unseen. This horse was a handful and was returned to her breeder from a previous owner. The breeder being a very responsible woman took her back and commenced to finding her a home. This is all I knew apart from she is an Arabian filly and a bay. So obviously everyone would say “of course”, right?

I honestly thought she would be much worse and not look half as good. I still don’t know about her pedigree so if anyone does please tell me more!!! She is obviously going to be my other endurance pony(hopefully). She is insanely smart, bright, hyper alert and sensitive. She is also a hot ass handful, who came off the trailer *much* faster than I got her on there. Then she spun around me for the next 10 minutes. She will be 2 in July so I won’t be doing a ton with her for the next year and half or so. My primary objective is to get her calmed down a little and take her places.

She is hard to take a picture of. It’s hard to get away from her in the field haha.

3 thoughts on “The Exciting Thing!!!

    • Thank you! She really is a cutie and her attitude makes her even cuter. I’m so over the moon about her. She has plenty of time to become a solid citizen (honestly from what I’ve seen she isn’t bad at all.) She’s a typical 18 month old filly. She is just excited about everything. Think OMG hay! OMG a horse! OMG the cows! OMG the sheep!DOG! SQUIRREL! SQUEE Food! PEOPLE! OMG what’s that? She’s pretty funny. Are you going to be doing any rides down towards Georgia or Florida this year?


      • I’m not sure what I am up to for rides this year. I always want to make McCauley Farms, but it is just a little too early in the season to be fit and ready for 2 days of 50s. 6 hours is just too far for a one day ride for me. GERA in June (I think) in GA is more of a possibility. I just don’t know what I want right now.


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