Faar The New Filly.

So a little background on my new filly Faar. There was a reason I ended up with her. It was known that I was looking to *possibly* lease or purchase a quality Arabian mare or do possible embryo transfer to my husband’s mare. I had been shopping for stallions all fall 2016 and had narrowed it down to three. I had also looked at several mares and discussed several options in regards to them. Then my husband suggested I wait 3 or 4 years and spend the required money to get exactly what I want. Where does he get off being so reasonable? So we determined this obviously the best idea.

Then I got a call from a dear friend about an Arab filly who had some problems and needed a professional home. I was told she is a registered, 18-month-old, Arabian filly and she may be bay. So of course, I said I would take her. I picked her up that weekend. Faar was not interested in the trailer and threw a small fit and it took me about 10 minutes to get her on. That was *after* the fit about walking out of the stall she was contained in. The first fit was getting caught in the stall. Calm persistent behavior wins *almost* every time.


Turns out she is registered, a flashy bay, and up to date on everything! Win! She is also very smart.

I gOt Faar home and she is like leading a hot air balloon and trots in circles around me the entire time. Ok fine. I went ahead and dumped her in the mare field with Skye and V and she ran around beautifully. I took no pictures because my hands were busy then I forgot my phone. I will get better with pictures. Dammit.

So here I started with Faar. I had a list of her records, feed schedule, her Coggins, and registration papers. I also had a list twice that long of her issues. Her first issue is being a little Silly About Everything, sometimes NBD. Her second issue is when you go in her field she approaches with her ears pinned, neck snaking toward you and her teeth bared. This post is long enough, though. That story is next.



Bonus lamb and dog. Meet Minerva Louise McGonagall(Lamb) and Ratsy(Dog).


2 thoughts on “Faar The New Filly.

  1. Thank you!!! I think so too. She is doing better already. The lady that had her(not her breeder who I got her from) was afraid of her when she would get excited or rude. So she has/had some pretty nasty/aggressive habits. Otherwise, it’s all normal silly 18 month old filly stuff that she has a few years to work through.


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