First Show of the Year and Yet Another Possible Exciting Thing!!!

Wish me sanity as I go judge the first horse show of the year tomorrow.

Also, stay tuned for another possible Exciting New Thing. Bet you can’t guess what it is… Of course, it’s a horse. I honestly don’t know if I will accept this one. I feel like I am getting a lot on my plate with a 7-month-old, show season starting(judging), conditioning/training Rev for endurance, working with Faar, getting my husband to where he wants to be in his riding, trimming and doing some horse training, and also raising cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and of course our garden. I’m sure I don’t need another horse at all, but this one is a little hard to pass up. This horse is insanely nice and something I would/could not afford. However, even if I had the money to burn I don’t know that I would buy him because he’s not a horse that is going to do a discipline that I want to do competitively anymore. Maybe I will want to, by the time he is ready. Or maybe I will make him into something and sell him. It’s a tough one. Anyone do endurance on a PRE Andalusian Stallion?

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