The First Show of The Season is Always The Most Interesting and Other Things…

Well, I guess the show went pretty well. Only one halter stallion lost his shit and mounted his handler. So that was the only person I yelled at. I consider it a win. Of course, he was an Ayrab. He was absolutely stunning, though. He was a clear winner in the class but I couldn’t place him based on his behavior. Then they exited to the warm up ring full of ponies and children and he completely flipped. Then I yelled. It was horrendous.

^^^This was written the day after the show and I decided that it was too short and unimportant to post. Since then everything with horses and farming sort of blew up and now I’m overwhelmed and can’t even figure out where to start.

The Arab halter stallion that mounted his handler- I am now working with that horse and he is doing great. I had her get him out of his paddock and he came out dropped, screaming, and boxing when corrected. I worked with him for about an hour and he saw the light. I worked with him this past Saturday and Tuesday I got an email about how she got him out tied him up and bathed him and put him up and he was a saint and she was so happy. I always like when that happens. I am also teaching him to collect and we may possibly chemically collect him. I am also going to do his live cover. He is having mares brought in for this month and next to breed. She pretty much gave up on this season because her and his trainer couldn’t deal with him. I want to post a pic of him but I think that would be inappropriate. Think homozygous black and full blown Arab stallion. Like “The Black Stallion” but only 15.2-15.3. He also has a very umm refined head.

This weekend I will be showing someone else’s stallion if I don’t have to judge that show. My trimming is also blowing up. I haven’t advertised or anything but word of mouth really gets out. Now I’m in a spot where I want to raise my son, farm, and play with my own horses, but people just keep calling. I keep getting more and more clients. I don’t know if I should print business cards and go with it or go back into hiding lol. It’s putting a major damper on me getting to work with my own horses.

So now that I have word vomited everywhere, I supposed I will go clean up my tall boots and maybe fiddle around with Rev.

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