The Faar Filly Chronicles.

Her name is Faar. I think it’s cool and Arabian sounding and I want to go Faar with her, dangit. There is a reason I ended up with her, though. She happens to be an asshole. So shortly after I got her, the husband came out with me and pushed our son around in his stroller while I fed the horses, cows, sheep and chickens. I was replacing salt blocks in the filly field. I keep a white salt brick, and equine micro 100 brick and a Redmond salt rock in each field for the horses. Plus they get free choice loose white salt. Well, I was putting out a new equine micro 100 and Faar came up to me to see what I was doing and to check for snacks. With her ears pinned flat to her head. I threw my arms up at her and got big and she snaked her pretty little nose out at me to bite so I smacked the shit out of redirected her. She directly spun around and started coming backward at me kicking with both feet. So she got hit in the ass with a variety of salt bricks and rocks, the pan, and a nearby feed tub and my husband ran to get me a rope halter and a stick. After a  come to Jesus meeting she was feeling like she would behave a little better.


Oh Hai!!! Look at me with mah friendly face on. This was 2 days after the discussion. She really is a quick learner.

After this incident, she decided to act a little silly about being caught and then she was promptly over it when I withheld her grain. She was pretty much in shock that I wouldn’t hand over her food even if she was a heifer about it. She may have made it this far in life by being the HBIC but not here. Not with me and not with any of the horses that we currently have. None of us take any shit lol. She is doing much better now and is very sweet and in your pocket, but not overly so.

I was also told that she will jump on you if you fly spray her. I have sprayed her down multiple times since I have had her but not until after we had our discussion. So she does move around a little she doesn’t even come close to getting in my space. One of the many awesome things about her is her sensitivity to pressure on her halter. The first time I sprayed her down she zoomed around me fearfully while never putting more than a pound or two of pressure on her halter.



Here she is. Not running backward at me and kicking with double barrel action. Good pony. ;P

I need to spend a little more time with her but she’s still a baby so I’m just sort of letting her be. I do plan to work on saddling and bridling this summer. Just general desensitization not actually putting weight on her or lunging her for more than a minute or two here and there. I will also likely do some ground driving and I may even harness her and let her drag a small log for a short distance(think 20-30 pounds for 5 minutes at a walk). I like for all of my horses to be comfortable with me roping and/or dragging things off of them. I will probably pony her some too. Most likely off of my husband’s gray mare Skye because she is a massive whore and won’t leave poor Rev alone. She actually chases him down the fence line. I won’t actually ride her until she’s a three-year-old, though and probably not very much then. Depending on her maturity level I may just put 30 days on her as a three-year-old and throw her back out in the field.


Here she is peeing and staring at poor Rev. He is like, “Woman. Can’t you see I’m busy eating?”.

Next up in the Faar Filly Chronicles: Trimming. The last trimmer apparently had to tie her legs up and lay her down to trim her. Then they finally starting sedating her for it. Fun times.



Bonus: Baby Jensen and his ram lamb, Azog the Defiler.



2 thoughts on “The Faar Filly Chronicles.

  1. That’s what she is with right now. She has been living with an alpha mare and a mean ass little quarter horse filly whose mother is also the head boss in charge haha. She is none too happy about it either. 😛 Now she looks to humans to rescue her.


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