Preparing Mentally.

I worked Rev a little yesterday. More mental than physical. His breeding season is coming to a close and today he helped me water my garden and other plants. This may sound insane but he had to do it with my hubby’s mare following us around(she lives in the yard and mows it). We also watered the plants down the fenceline of the other mare field. The mare field with the Faar filly in it. She is an enormous hussy and in lerv with my poor Rev. The point of this activity is to practice standing around bored and patient while ignoring other horses. He also is allowed to eat while I do this, as long as he doesn’t pull on me or use it as an excuse to get close to other horses.  I feel like these are prime skills to have.


I’m actually pulling a trailer in and it always causes him to have shenanigans. He gets very excited when the horse dispenser comes to visit him. He was disappointed this time as I was coming back from dropping off some rams.

During breeding season he gets to do a lot of… well… yanno… breeding and collecting lol. I did this exercise to make sure he was still well in hand for ride camp and crowded vet checks. I don’t tolerate talking unless he is allowed to do so. I have a very specific set of signals that lets him know that he is allowed to talk. I set him up to face the teasing wall/area/ mare extend my arm and step back and allow him to move forward to the mare. I was checking to make sure he wasn’t having any confusion. I only had to get after him twice and it was over some very light whuffling because Skye came up behind him and stood with her head in his flank. Then Faar started calling to him and he sort of arched his neck and whuffled a little. After I got after him those two times he remembered what the rules are and then we finished watering. He proceeded to fall asleep in his boredom. Tomorrow I will take pictures. I fail at pictures so hard. I focus on what I’m doing and then afterward I’m all like “I should have taken pictures…”. The struggle is real y’all.

I may work him again this evening after supper. It just depends on the time. My husband did get to ride his horse, though. 20170507_170453.jpg

6 thoughts on “Preparing Mentally.

  1. I’m always impressed at the stallions I run across in ride camp. In fact, I rode the two loops in the dark during my 100 miler with two stallions (I rode my mare) and only found out they were stallions near the very end. Excellently behaved guys.

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    • That’s so awesome! I really like stallions out doing a job because most people (notice I say most lol) put in that extra effort to make sure they aren’t noticed as stallions. I can pony Rev off of other mares, stallions and gelsings and he will pony them too. He hauls with stallions or mares or geldings quietly. I think I’m going to go with a Hi-Tie. I just worry about other horses getting free and coming to him. He lives with other horses and my little yearling heifers and the weanlings so I don’t think he would hurt another loose without horse that cam


    • That’s awesome! I love a well behaved stallion with a job. Rev is very well behaved and rides, trailers or ponies well with stallions, mares, and geldings. He lives with horses (never pasture breeds) and yearling heifers and weanlings sometimes and always behaves. My worry is other loose horses. I don’t think he would do anything but share his food with another horse unless they tried to be mean to him. I think I will go with a Hi-Tie for him and practice “Constant Vigilance!”


      • I have no idea how they contained them, sorry. I use electric for my mare although I know the internet blew up recently over the use of electric at a ride in Texas. Whichever you do, practice at home first.

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  2. I’ve only ever met nice, polite stallions. I hear horror stories about how they can be but haven’t discovered it in reality.
    I’m impressed you’ve got a talking/no talking signal. My friend’ Arab stallion is polite but SUCH a talker at rides. She keeps him in a panel corral at rides and tries to hide him because a lot of folks feel the need to try to dictate to her what she should and shouldn’t do with a stallion. She’s largely stopped announcing that he is a stallion if she can help it because SO many people feel they have to share their misplaced opinions about what she should/shouldn’t do with him at ridecamp/on trail. Beyond the talking, he’s a very good boy.

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    • Yeah talking is mostly harmless. He will still slip up and whuffle sometimes but I can growl at him and he gets quiet and like any horse he occasionally hollers once or twice when he arrives somewhere but not always. The reason I’m so crazy about it is that’s usually the only way people know he’s a stud, other than when he trots sometimes he makes the slappy ball noise lol. Like your friend, when they find out he’s a stallion people want to get up your butt.
      I’ve encountered a only few horrendous stallions out and about. I’m actually working with one now that mounted his trainer at a show I was judging in the halter class. He’s doing great now.
      Thank you for the info. I like the corral panel set up the best for him I think.


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