The Endurance Rig.

Basically, we bought a horse trailer that needs a lot of work. We have a stock trailer that would be easily useable for Rev and we have hauled him in it many times. I just wanted a trailer that’s smaller and more “Horsai” and more of a home away from home. So after my big meanie of a husband poopooed my idea of getting a new living quarters(something about money and debt) I started looking for something *reasonable*. We have discussed and eventually, we want an LQ trailer. The hubby isn’t very interested in riding in E-rides but very much wants to camp with the horses at parks with lots of horse trails.

I found this bad boy on craigslist



Note the need for a new roof and the glass window slat thingies. I assume the glass things are so your horse can cut his face off at ridecamp before you actually get to go anywhere. Needless to say, those will be removed promptly.


Like I said, it definitely needs work.

  1. A new steel 2×4 welded in the back so you can close the doors without a ratchet strap would be a start.
  2. A new roof. Then it would be useable.
  3. We are going to go ahead and put in a new floor. The metal underneath is good and the floor is ok but if we are going to have everything torn apart to paint it then we might as well redo the floor.
  4. New tires. The ones on it aren’t losing air but they are old. So we are going to do all new tires plus a spare.
  5. Get the dent out of the front.
  6. The lights actually work. Every single one. We are still doing new lights and wiring. It lacks interior lights so I plan to add those.
  7. When we do the tires we will repack the bearings and put new brakes on.
  8. The inside needs new chest and side padding.
  9. I want to add a rubber shin bumper to the back for loading safety.
  10. We are getting a water tank. I can’t decide if we should get one for the roof rack or one to stand up in the tack room. Basically, if we use panels for containment would we ideally haul them on top? I have no idea. I’m leaning towards a Hi-tie. How do people at ridecamp usually contain their stallions? Rev is very well behaved. He doesn’t paw and scream at the trailer no matter what. He completely respects electric tape/wire and that’s what I really want to do(but other horses could run through it.) He will tie to anything for however long he is left there. He has spent many many hours tied in many locations. I worry about the other horses, though. What if another horse gets loose and goes to him? What do other responsible stallion owners do for containment?
  11. Organization for the tackroom/dressing room. I’m thinking of converting the under-manger tackroom into hay and feed storage and using the dressing room as a tack room.
  12. Repainting. I’m thinking white for cooling reasons. Maybe with some orange hubcaps. 🙂
  13. Also a new roof vent. Possibly with a swanky electric fan. Probably not though because I’m too damn cheap.
  14. Maybe new locks for the doors too. I will have to see how that works.
  15. Patch a few small areas in the inside manger area and a tackroom door corner.




I feel like it’s a pretty nice trailer for what we paid for it. I don’t think we will have too much in it whenever it’s finished. I’m excited that I will have a trailer just for endurance and horses though. The stock trailer is nice and big but it perpetually reeks of cowshit. ;P



2 thoughts on “The Endurance Rig.

    • Thank you! There is a lot to do with it but I’m unexplainably excited! I have always had to share my horse/stock trailer with cows, pigs, sheep and one time some emus. I will be glad to have one just set up for horses and riding.


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