Fat Loot

My hubby has always gotten me Mother’s Day presents because of our fur children and I get him Father’s Day gifts too. We also use it as an excuse to go somewhere and eat a steak and have delicious beer. This past Monday Hubby told me to go ahead and order some stuff that I want for Mother’s Day. I’m really hard to buy for. He always does a card that he actually writes in and flowers but for the gifts he usually has me pick them. So I hemmed and hawed and said ok I need a new food mill and a pressure cooker. He told me that any kitchen stuff is for both of us and cannot count as a gift. He said I had to order horse stuff. He’s mine all mine I tell you! So I just picked a few things that I need in order to set up my saddle the way I want to and then some other stuff.



Y’all I get a little too excited about getting packages. Even though I know what’s in there it’s still like opening a present. Even if it’s my Amazon Prime Pantry order of toilet paper. We order a lot of our stuff because we live in the middle of nowhere and it’s often cheaper to order. Note the Banamine in the corner. Miss Faar colicked pretty badly. She’s doing good now. So no worries. I will do another post on that but for Mother’s Day, I want something less serious.


A size 28 Montana Cincha Endurance Girth and 3 Dosing syringes from Distance Depot.


Rev’s HorseGuard vitamin/mineral supplement and some bonus flax treats. The Flax treats came as a sample but I am going to order some more.


Madtack Biothane dressage billets from Riding Warehouse to convert my western style endurance saddle to a dressage style girth system. I’m am considering changing the stirrups from western fenders to English leathers. I still need new stirrups, because I don’t trust the ones that came with the saddle to hold up to heavy use so they will be good backups. I still need a breastplate, bridle, a pommel packs and a more shaped saddle pad. Also a sweet purple and black 2″ haynet.


Vitamin E supplement for the horses, the Safe-Guard 10% Suspension to do a “Power Pac” on the horses. Both the vitamin E and the “Power Pac” shamelessly stolen from Karen Chaton.Then some hip and joint stuff for the dogs. I don’t know if it helps them but it doesn’t hurt and they like the treat and they are reasonably priced. I do think Zoey’s skin and coat have improved, likely due to the fish oil in them.

I have included links to these things as they are at least the current best prices and shipping that I could find for things right now. Some of the links are Amazon links and if you click them and make a purchase I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Then I spend it on animals. It’s a vicious cycle. For the most part, the Amazon thing is for another site but if it’s a good deal and I’ve bought horsey stuff there I will share it. I just want to be upfront about the fact that I could make money.


2 thoughts on “Fat Loot

    • I know! It really was. He’s such a sweetheart. Now I have to come up with something extra good for Father’s Day. Hmmm…


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