Raining, Conditioning, Maintenance, and More Fat Loot.

I have been making a solid effort to pare down my farming and work activities so that I can focus more on my horse. I have sold all but one heifer that will be kept as the family milk cow. I bought a bull for her and he will be shipped in hopefully later this week. I sold all of my sheep and kept one lamb ram for meat after he gets bigger. I’m down to four chickens. I need to get more layers and some meat birds. Most of my garden is failing miserably because of the sudden excessive rain here. I can’t complain about the rain though. the grass is growing and my hay bill is no longer $175 a week. A freaking week people. Dear God. We have 15 acres and I was still buying hay because the grass wasn’t growing. It was awful.



The Rain.


I have been attempting to condition but the rain makes me whiny and the humidity, when it isn’t raining, is killer. I’m going to have to start conditioning rain or shine I guess. Being cooped up because of the rain has caused me to order All The Things.



All The Things.


New halter, lead rope, Stowaway packs, liniment, poultice, electrolytes(so we can start experimenting with the heavily muscled beast), a new Happy Mouth double jointed roller elevator bit, new hay nets, 10′ yacht rope reins, and a rein safe. I also got a Toklat Coolback contoured endurance pad in PURPLE but it’s back ordered and will hopefully ship tomorrow. This is what happens when it rains and Riding Warehouse has a 20% off sale. :/ So I am slowly collecting all of the things Rev will need for endurance.



Watching the rain.


The bit was on sale on sale and I feel like something stronger than an S-Hack or full cheek snaffle will help us be more successful at the first ride start. He may be totally fine. In that case, I don’t have to touch his mouth. He may turn into a fire breathing dragon and in that case, the bit is better safe than sorry. We can always switch out at the first check which is what I will be hoping to do. So we will definitely be practicing with the hack and the bit. Now I think all that I have left for him are his bridle, extra bit hangers, breastplate, and new stirrups with cages. I may possibly change over to leathers but I’m not sure yet.

There is also hopefully going to be another Exciting New Thing tomorrow. Well, I guess it’s not really a surprise anymore when I say there will be an exciting new Thing. So it’s obviously a horse. I am going to see him and pick him up tomorrow morning. I will hopefully remember to take exciting pictures.

2 thoughts on “Raining, Conditioning, Maintenance, and More Fat Loot.

    • Me too! I always enjoy seeing what other people get and where and how much. 😉I got all of that on sale or I wouldn’t have bought it lol. It kills me to pay full price. Everything including the Coolback was like $258. So not too terrible. I’m still hemming and hawing on getting the bridle and breastplate because I have so many good leather ones, but they are hard to clean. Mostly though, they just aren’t purple haha.
      The exciting new thing will need tack too. Uuugggghhhh. 😑


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