Meet Zohan and Remus.

First, let me begin with, Zohan will probably be undergoing a name change. It will probably be Crazypants Craig or Shithead Fred for a while. On the other hand, I named Remus and he’s a little cutie. Remus is a little wild but he’s still cute.



Zohan and his mother. His mother that he was never ever separated from. EVER. He’s only 7 so NBD. Right?  (Zohan is the bay).




Zohan and mommy again. Always together. He is pretending like he is going to come near me.




Just kidding! No way he is coming near the scary stranger. What if she takes his fat spoiled ass away from his mommy?

I’m told Zohan is otherwise awesome. So long as you don’t touch his feet, legs, rear end, or ears. Also, loading him in a trailer is apparently a no-no and he doesn’t care to stand tied at all. Or catch him. Easy peasy. *rolls eyes*



minijersey Remus2

This is Remus Lupin. Our Jersey heifer’s name is Nymphadora Tonks. Tonks for short.


minijersey Remus

Remus is a fun color and a little wild. I think it’s because of the full moon tonight, though.


2 thoughts on “Meet Zohan and Remus.

    • Thanks! I am going to get him started under saddle immediately and hopefully, he and Rev will be making their debut at an E-ride in *maybe* September, but most likely November. He is 8 and this is the first time he’s left the property or his mother. I got him caught today actually and I will do a post about it, but it was definitely not glamorous or fun. On the other hand, once he got done striking out at me and the trailer and trying to cow kick me as he lunged and plunged around he figured it right out and hopped on. He, unfortunately, threw himself down in the trailer a few times before it even moved and when I got him off I was seriously worried he would colic or tie up from general stress but he seems to be fine now. Poor guys sheath is so swollen and he has a bunch of ticks on it so I will knock him out tomorrow or the next day and clean him up. So now off to repeat all of this in a post! haha


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