Zohan’s Story. I Think I May Call Him Zeke.

Zohan was finally caught today. Sometimes when you get a horse like this it’s a challenge. This is the last stop for Zohan so he needs to get it worked out. There are no other options for him through no fault of his own. I’ve heard a variety of stories and ‘facts’ about him. The things I know are he was 6 years old two days ago and 8 or 9 today. I will be getting his birthdate and am in contact with his breeder to get him DNA tested and registered.  He will be a registered Arabian and a high percentage Crabbet, but I will have to look further into that. His father(A 1984 model stallion) was like 50% Crabbet at least. He will try to rearrange your skull if you touch him behind his shoulder or on his legs at all. (This is true for now.) He’s about 15.2hh we will see whenever I can get past his shoulder with a scary height stick. This is the first time he has left this farm and the first time he has been separated from his mother. He likes treats and feed of course.



Zeke started his day running from me.


Sadly the owner is terminal and his elderly wife can’t manage them at all. His doctor told him it was time to start making arrangements and this man wanted to make sure the horses will be ok. He cried like a baby when I came to get them. His poor wife wouldn’t even come outside. It’s so sad that it’s hard for me to be pissed, all I feel is sorry for everyone and everything involved. The owner and his wife had these animals because they are pretty. They knew nothing about horses and did the bare minimum and they have thrived(other than hooves) in spite of that. They are trimmed every 6 months. Zohan and the PaintXDutchwarmblood mare get trimmed under sedation. The others are older and were much easier to handle and broke so they went to good homes. The breeder took back Zohan’s mother and there is one insane PaintXDutch Warmblood that I have told them to attempt to find her another home before me. That leaves Zohan.

I was excited. I thought there would be excellent pictures for the bring home day, but it wasn’t very glamorous at all. It ended with me being worried that he would colic or tie up. Don’t worry he’s loaded up with ulcer guard now. He wasn’t a fan of that. For the first time ever he was told he was getting on a trailer today. He struck at me and the trailer repeatedly, even when I wasn’t near the trailer. He also lunged and plunged around me attempting to cow kick me. After about 10 minutes and I definitely touched him behind his shoulder a few times he was on the trailer and ready to roll throwing himself down repeatedly. He also has ticks on his sheath and it’s super swollen. Y’all I am crazy lucky like this all the time. I will need to knock him out and take care of that ASAP. I got him home and my husband wouldn’t even come off of the porch. In all fairness, he was holding our son.

Zeke’s home. He will be a decent guy when he gets his chance. He just doesn’t know it yet.



Zeke’s home and will be spending the night in the pen of shame until I see how he’s going to settle in.




4 thoughts on “Zohan’s Story. I Think I May Call Him Zeke.

    • I may be optimistic but I really think he won’t be that bad. He’s never had anything really asked of him. He has certainly never had anything asked of him and then enforced. He’s also never been told no. I find that most horses like this want a leader so bad they can’t stand it. He’s not the boss in the field at all. He’s only the boss of people because they have let him be and he doesn’t know what else to do. I think based on yesterday and this morning that he is already embracing me being his boss with open hooves. It seems to be almost a relief for him not to have to think for me. 😉


  1. Sounds like he’s lucky to end up with you. You’re far more optimistic than I would be, haha. Granted, I’d probably just send him down the road to my trainer friend for a few months knowing he’d be in good, soft hands there that would benefit him more than the time it would take me!

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    • Haha I don’t know if he thinks he’s lucky. I think he’s sure he landed in hell lol. He is doing good now and even comes up to me in the field now. I need to get a post up with new pictures of trimming and training. It’s hard to take pictures when both hands are full as you know with jumping pics of Griffin. 😉


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