One Reason I Love Rev.

Today I went out and gave semi-annual vaccinations. Here in the Swamp we have a lot of mosquitoes. All year. Also, vaccinations are required before and after breeding season etc. The ponies also got Ivermectin. I went out and gave shots and dewormers first to Skye and when I was done I didn’t even have time to get a picture of her before she ran for it. Then to Outlaw Josie.



At least she turned around after she took off? Full disclosure I accidentally kicked a bucket and she heard it and thought there would be more food. :/


Rev checking to see if I have any more shots or dewormer that he can have.


Then he mugged me to see if I had any more shots or dewormer for him.


All I had was scratches though. 

And that’s one of the many reasons why I love Rev. He always wants to hang out with me. If I go outside he is watching me from the field. If I go in the general direction of his field he hauls it to the gate. If I go in there with a halter he comes up and dips his head into it. He genuinely wants to be with me even if he’s getting shots and dewormer.


4 thoughts on “One Reason I Love Rev.

    • He’s a big time snuggler too. Rev is like an 1100 pound Labrador. None of my mares are like that either. They tolerate me if I have food or sometimes for good scratches. They don’t even like me for hosing when it’s hot. Rev can be bathed, groomed, tacked, trimmed, fly sprayed, etc halterless in his field. My mares would run for the hills haha.


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