Zeke and Rev. BFFs ForNever.

So let’s say Zeke will not be living with Rev. They cannot peacefully safely cohabitate. Which is super inconvenient. Regardless they both got plenty of work today. Rev did excellent as always and was incredibly responsive to voice commands and just generally soft.

On a better note, Rev modeling his new gear. How does anyone attach these pommel packs so that they don’t flop all over the place? I got all of my Biothane from Running Bear Tack. It’s so adjustable and I still have some tweaking to do for it to fit perfectly.



4 thoughts on “Zeke and Rev. BFFs ForNever.

  1. I never found a way to keep the pommel bags very secure. You can add extra velcro straps, but IMHO that makes them even more difficult to put on and take off. I now ride with a slim Osprey hydration pack and don’t use any saddle bags. Soooo much simpler at vet checks where you need to remove tack!

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  2. But but but… I had all this crap I *needed* to carry haha. I fiddled with those packs for a while and had pretty much decided I would need a wizard to secure them, so it’s good to know that I’m not alone. That makes complete sense about the vet check/tack removal situation. I was trying to use scissor snaps to make it easier, but I think I would need to add a lot to make it work.

    I like the looks of the Osprey. I think I may try a cheaper knock off camelbak and then upgrade to that if I like the way it feels. My problem is I’m, errr, a little “top” heavy and often have shoulder blade/ back pain(Not agony. Just mostly uncomfortable.). I wonder if a pack would exacerbate it? I rarely have back pain while riding, though.


    • Ahahaha. Yeah. We all start endurance thinking we need to carry so much. Over time you fly the fuck it flag high tho and carry the bare minimum! Camelbak does make a hydration vest thing that carries water on your waist (where women’s center of gravity is naturally); could be another option to consider!

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      • Sweet I will check into that one too. I had already crammed all the junk I “need” into one waterproof container that fits comfortably inside one side of the pack with a hoof pick and a knife. Meaning if something is needed from that damn box someone better be missing an arm for me to open it, haha. I figured I would put some ziplocks of Timothy and alfalfa pellets, carrots, flax treats, and elyte syringes in the other side to balance it out and then my snacks/ride card or whatever on top. That seems like a lot though for an actual ride, surrounded by people. If I condition for 20 miles or something I think I would want all that crap because I would be alone.

        So you only carry water?


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