Zeke. The Reality of Things.

I have an update on Zeke. He has left my farm. Currently, he is going somewhere as a “Very Pretty Pasture Puff”. If he gets out of hand or things don’t work out he will come back to me. I have worked with him, bathed him, saddled, drove, sat on him, and worked on his trailer issues. Some days, he trots up to me in the field. One day he flat out charged me. I charged him back as a knee jerk reaction, because deep inside he is way too big of a pansy to follow through. He actually reacted so hard to me running at him and growling and flailing like a rabid amoeba that he fell down trying to get away from me. The next few days he was great. Then one day he acted like he had never seen a human before in his life.



“Good morning. Just hanging out by my bowl, waiting for breakfast.”


I could keep muddling through with him. I could spend a little longer just to *try*. I could get him going well enough under saddle to take him to a *new* place so he could be completely fine and then the next time completely explode. I have no desire to ride a horse that is volatile at random. It’s just no fun for anybody to be waiting for your horse to blow and it’s not fun for them to be ridden unfairly until they flip. In this situation, The Reality is, someone offered him a home where he won’t have pressure. He can’t have that with me. Unfortunately, he has also been set up to fail in the respect that he can’t be registered. I thought he could, but apparently, his Sire died before the DNA rules for AHA and none was collected on him. I guess… It’s not really clear… It’s actually quite shady. Whatever, if he can make it at this new home then his lack of papers won’t be a problem for him. If he can’t I will have to make a decision from there.


So everyone, fingers crossed, Zeke needs some jingles to keep his brain together and be a solid pasture pet. It shouldn’t be too hard, but if you would have met Zeke you would know that I would be just as hopeful/wish-filled/worried sending a horse to the Derby. I should have taken pictures but I was busy hanging on to him as he bolted around me kicking at my dog. That’s actually a new one because she is always right there when we work with horses. Nothing had changed. He was just sure he had never seen a dog before and was about to be attacked by my Huge Wolf  Fuzzy Cattle Dog. *rolls eyes*



Behold! The incredibly vicious Bug Dog and her evil henchwomen, waiting for their breakfast. 


4 thoughts on “Zeke. The Reality of Things.

    • Thank you. Yeah me too. He won’t have a lot asked of him so it should be like what he was used to before so I am pretty hopeful he will adapt back to that quickly. 🙂


  1. It sounds like you made the best possible decision for yourself and the horse. As they teach first responders – rescuer first! No point putting yourself in harm’s way if you don’t have to.

    And omg, “growling and flailing like a rabid amoeba” had me cackling. I have totally gone after my horses when they’re dicks behaving in the same manner. Griffin has definitely slipped/stumbled escaping me, too.

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    • Exactly! You can’t help the person you’re saving if you’re hurt or worse. It’s not going to do any good for my kid, husband, other horses, cows, or sheep to get maimed for one horse.

      It was pretty funny haha. He just decided to try to run me off of the food that I was carrying to him (that makes sense if you don’t think about it *rolls eyes*). When he fell, it was so slow motion I wasn’t even worried he’d be hurt, he just sort of sat down and rolled over backwards. What a ninny. 🙃

      He’s doing good so far there. So I’m freaking thrilled. All he has to do is eat and just be a horse so she can get an Ag Tax thingy.


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