Y’all I Don’t Even Know Where to Start…

Ok, I have to quit letting things get away from me. It’s just too much to get into one post. So where to start? I think a nice list will get us there.

  1. I started writing a post about how Rev’s contract is getting renewed and he is going for some roping/cow-horse training. So I will be starting to ride Jo, my Hubby’s Paint Tennessee Walking Horse. While I was writing that post someone literally emailed me out of the blue to buy her. I didn’t even want to sell her but my Hubby likes riding Skye and I was going to ride her just to do it. So that stopped that in it’s tracks.
  2. Rev going to training. It absolutely kills my soul to send him to someone else. I still may wuss out. I am only sending him because I don’t have the cows or access to them. I have cows but they aren’t for running down and roping. The only one with horns even is my mini/mid size Jersey (soon to milk cow) who is a pet. I mean she wears a collar and she is halter broke! She would be highly offended if I attempted to chase her with a horse and rope her. Not that I would anyhow. Full disclosure: I am the only person who has ever ridden Rev except for my Hubby wanted to ride him and he got up there and Rev just followed me around. Then at the fair, my friends 4-year old got on him and walked him around in circles in the parking lot for 10 minutes. Nobody else’s ass has ever graced his back. Now, I don’t want him to be my special snowflake that nobody can ride but I don’t want anyone messing him up either. So I’m as nervous as a one eyed cat watching two rat holes.
  3. I do a lot of reproductive work in my area. So we have decided that I should do some reproductive work for myself. I have access to incredibly high-quality stallions and thusly have bought 3 mares(2 from Canada!) and they are being shipped in and I have breed leased another that will be shipped in. Like this week. YIKES! Breeding Disclaimer: I am breeding high-quality horses that will contribute to their breed. If you aren’t interested in reading about it then skip the posts on breeding. This is not the place to come and tell me I am evil for breeding horses instead of adopting or whatever your story is. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 🙂
  4. This weather is killing me! I can ride in the evenings when Hubby gets home. It always pours rain in the evening here. Uuuuugggghhh… I want to say that I like the rain because grass. However, it’s sort of killing my riding. I haven’t been able to do anything really for a week. I finally got some stuff done yesterday though so that was nice.
  5. Two Horse Tack review to come! They have been prompt in shipping me the AWESOME halter bridle that they sent me. I just want to say that it is super nice and I will be purchasing the matching breast collar and crupper very soon. I needed to get pictures to do the review and the rain has thwarted me at every turn. I finally have some acceptable pictures and I am working on a review post. Definitely, check these guys out. The prices are incredible and the tack is excellent quality. It just feels good in your hands yanno? It looks great on the horses too!
  6. In non-horse related news, we are in the stages of planning a belated first birthday party for our son. We had a small one down here but the rest of our families live over 600 miles away. Soooo… we are going to have a big one up there. A Harry Potter one. I can’t tell you how excited I am. There will definitely be pictures of that.
  7. There is more I just can’t remember right now.
  8. Two Horse Tack review to come!!!
  9. Just remembered, Zeke is doing great in his new home. She is supposed to be sending me some pictures soon. He is an outstanding lawn mower and companion for her other horse.

5 thoughts on “Y’all I Don’t Even Know Where to Start…

  1. “nervous as a one eyed cat watching two rat holes” This. This is fantastic.

    Met a Russian gentleman the other night and he told me of his years-long quest to learn idioms and jargon in English and compare them to terms in Russian. I have learned a new fantastic saying for when a man (or probably any person but he said “man” specifically) is super enthusiastic/perky: he has a feather in his ass. If he’s exceptionally happy/perky above the normal standards: he has 3 feathers in his ass.

    Yay language.

    I digress… Super psyched about the breeding fun that is about to be had. Can’t wait to see the first crop of young’ns!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t that one of the best sayings ever? It makes me smile every time I write it or say it. It surprises me how often I say it. The other one I say a lot is a complaint about heat in reference to, probably those same two rats, and a wool sock. LOL Well cause it’s hotter than 40 hells here and it’s my favorite thing to complain about as I rain sweat. haha That is super funny about the feathers up the ass. When those horses finally get here I will be 3 feathers in the ass tickled about it. 🙂 See what I did there?

      Thank you! When the babies finally start happening it might be a 4 feather situation!


    • Thank you, there really is a lot going on. Arabians! I’m super excited about it. I finally have nailed down Thursday for everything being delivered at once so that’s good and bad. Haha yeah letting the foals go is really hard for me too. 😦 There are so few purebred Arabians being bred and registered now that it’s important to preserve and improve the breed with high-quality horses. So I figured I would give it a go! I have ran breeding operations for many other people and still do. I thought it would be nice to do something I love for myself. 🙂


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