Zeke and Rev. BFFs ForNever.

So let's say Zeke will not be living with Rev. They cannot peacefully safely cohabitate. Which is super inconvenient. Regardless they both got plenty of work today. Rev did excellent as always and was incredibly responsive to voice commands and just generally soft. On a better note, Rev modeling his new gear. How does anyone attach … Continue reading Zeke and Rev. BFFs ForNever.

Preparing Mentally.

I worked Rev a little yesterday. More mental than physical. His breeding season is coming to a close and today he helped me water my garden and other plants. This may sound insane but he had to do it with my hubby's mare following us around(she lives in the yard and mows it). We also … Continue reading Preparing Mentally.

The Fat Pony Exercises:Rev Channels His Inner Lipizzaner Stallion

Rev finally did a little work. Not much but we have to start somewhere. This is his second time on a lunge line instead of "free" in the round pen, so it was interesting. He actually did really well. Maybe tomorrow We'll try it with a saddle. In the pictures where he is zooming note … Continue reading The Fat Pony Exercises:Rev Channels His Inner Lipizzaner Stallion