Zeke. The Reality of Things.

I have an update on Zeke. He has left my farm. Currently, he is going somewhere as a "Very Pretty Pasture Puff". If he gets out of hand or things don't work out he will come back to me. I have worked with him, bathed him, saddled, drove, sat on him, and worked on his … Continue reading Zeke. The Reality of Things.

Zeke and Rev. BFFs ForNever.

So let's say Zeke will not be living with Rev. They cannot peacefully safely cohabitate. Which is super inconvenient. Regardless they both got plenty of work today. Rev did excellent as always and was incredibly responsive to voice commands and just generally soft. On a better note, Rev modeling his new gear. How does anyone attach … Continue reading Zeke and Rev. BFFs ForNever.